Translation of general texts:

(1)- full translation of the original text;

(2)- translation and presentation of the main ideas of an original text *

* Wherever the client does not need the full translation of the text, so LITS provides translation services according to the customers’ needs and demand.

Translation of texts of a specific subject in the most varied areas, with revision by specialist in the area (health, education, economics and finance, sports, gastronomy, among others)

Literary translation (Portuguese, Chinese, English and French only)

Certified translation * of documents (birth / marriage certificate, passport, certificate of qualifications, among others)

* For certification it is necessary to deliver the original document. To save time in the process, send us the document to be translated by email and, later, give us the original that will be returned to you upon delivery of the certified translation.

Linguistic review * of academic papers and other texts, such as CVs, monographs, articles, etc.

Transcription* Audio support for written text, from document/image to written text.

* LITS is not responsible for the content of the texts being the entire responsibility of the author.